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Ipswich in the 1900s and the timeless faces of old Murphy’s Town Pub

The iconic Murphy’s Town Pub at Union Place opposite the railway station in Ipswich central is a familiar sight to generations of Ipswichians.

Since its birth as the Commonwealth Hotel in 1910, Murphy’s has seen many incarnations, but through them all has managed to retain much of its beautiful heritage façade and features.

In its heyday, the old Commonwealth garnered some forward-thinking firsts – like the conversion of its storage sheds into an electric power plant and mineral water bottling plant in 1914. And it’s also gathered some spinechilling tales, like that of ‘Mr Donald’ who in 1931 was last seen alive requesting the hotelier not to disturb him or wake him for breakfast – and was discovered deceased in the morning from a gunshot to the head.

The TC Beirne & Co department store housing trendy fashions, shoes, gifts and homewards, was right next door to the hotel with the grand Cribb and Foote London Stores with its numerous speciality departments boasting fine and fancy foods, haberdashery, toys and more just a short stroll away.

Take a walk down the streets of history and visit elegant Ipswich in the 1900s – read more at Ipswich First.

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