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Ipswich 24/7 – the world-class retail hub Ipswich has been waiting for

Envisioned to become the urban heart of a revitalised Ipswich, Nicholas St is a revolutionary new retail mixed-use zone, serving up a world-class offering that will breathe new life into the region.

The largest transformation to be undertaken in the Ipswich CBD in over three decades, the project will see Nicholas St become a highly sought-after retail destination and put Ipswich squarely on the map.

World-renowned Australian architects Buchan have designed an engaging masterplan that will support high rates of foot traffic critical to successful retail trade.

Tourists, shoppers, residents, and diners alike will enjoy a tree-lined, pedestrian orientated high   featuring unique retailers, restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues.

Thoughtful placemaking initiatives such as iconic public art, an extensive façade illumination, and fine-grained laneway experiences, coupled with simple public amenity such as shading, ample seating, water features and free public Wi-Fi will create an enduring ‘sense of place’ for both visitors and regular user-groups, thereby ensuring their regular return to Nicholas St.

Regularly programmed activations and small grassroots activities, through to major cultural and music events in the adjacent 3,000-capacity public piazza, will also ensure Nicholas St becomes the most desired recreation destination in the future Ipswich CBD.

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